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If you haven’t already had a look around Tiny Tots Academy, you are very welcome to book an appointment and a member of our management team will show you around and give you all of the information your require.


3 months to 5 years old funding explained

As a parent or carer of a 3 months to 5 years-old, you are entitled to free childcare. For more information check the links below:


30 hour funding Sandwell2018-03-31T11:54:12+01:00
30 hour funding Sandwell.
Information on pupil premium. Sandwell2018-03-31T11:31:45+01:00
Information on pupil premium. Sandwell
Information on Sandwell school’s admissions2018-03-31T11:33:03+01:00
Sandwell school’s admissions
Information on 2 year old funding for Sandwell2018-03-31T11:54:44+01:00

Parents can also use this link to apply for a place

Information on 2 year old funding for Sandwell
Birmingham school’s admissions2018-03-31T11:34:57+01:00
Birmingham school’s admissions
Pupil premium eligibility (Additional funding) Birmingham2018-03-31T11:35:50+01:00
Pupil premium eligibility (Additional funding)
Information on extended hours funding (30 hours for 3 year olds)2018-03-31T11:36:40+01:00
Information on extended hours funding
Information on 2 year old funding. Birmingham2018-03-31T11:37:29+01:00
Information on 2 year old funding
2 year old funding eligibility Birmingham2018-03-31T11:38:21+01:00
2 year old funding

A caring and stimulating home
from home environment



In hindsight the setting provides day care for children of early years between the hours of 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. However we like to offer families with a more flexible choice of hours and care. We can offer half day sessions or hourly sessions depending on available spaces. We offer a pick up and drop off service for parents who can’t get to us (*subject to conditions).

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 7.30am – 6.00pm
Open 51 weeks of the year
Closed weekends and bank holidays

About Tiny Tots

At Tiny Tots Day Nursery, we cater for children aged 3 months to 5 years and aim to provide a caring and stimulating home from home’ environment


We recently had interest from the local newspaper who wrote a small article about the nursery’s success with Ofsted. They visited the nursery and took some lovely pictures of the staff and children. The article was also published on their website. This can be found at:

Newspaper Article

Contact Tiny Tots Handsworth Wood

  • Handsworth Wood, 27a Acfold Road, B20 1HD
  • 01213588860
  • Admin@tinytots-academy.com

Contact Tiny Tots West Bromwich

  • West Bromwich, 1 Walsall Street, B70 7NX
  • 01215536560
  • Admin@tinytots-academy.com

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